Can I expect any type of mentorship program at Microsoft?

While I am not aware of a formal mentor ship program, every one of my coworkers were available to give me insight and to work with me on my projects. I did not know how to use the program for the newsletter when I got there and eventually I my coworkers showed me some tricks. There is also an FRP...
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Help! I have an interview coming up at Microsoft, what I should know?

Know everything about any company, not just Microsoft, it is advised one goes through their websites, blogs, social media accounts and recent news articles about the companies. For example, case in point, Microsoft acquiring GitHub
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How can I succeed at Microsoft?

Dedication, passion and hard work are the keys. Having said that, Microsoft has a great summer program where you are not just working all the time. They have a lot of fun events and programs organized just for the interns apart from the ones happening in the company that the interns are welcome t...
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What's the company culture like at Microsoft?

My favorite part of Microsoft was its culture. They have an open culture and you can literally approach anyone for help. They encourage innovative ideas and have multiple hack events going on frequently. There is so much to learn and everyone is very very friendly and always ready to help.
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As an intern, how much support did you receive from Microsoft's upper management?

Microsoft is a great organization. I personally felt that the upper management was quite accessible. They had regular workshops for professional development and improving work environment at the company. Microsoft Research New England (specifically) is like a small family and you end up learning ...
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I'm curious what an explorer intern at Microsoft does - what's a typical day in the life like for you?

I stayed in an extended stay hotel for the summer with other interns, so the people I became friends with and I would wake up at the same time, eat breakfast in the lobby, and commute to work together. We either took the Microsoft shuttle or my friend drove us in her car. I always got into the of...
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Got any tips to help turn this summer research intern position at Microsoft into a full-time offer?

Being a research intern at MSR is very different from being a software intern at Microsoft. I do not have any experience regarding the latter. But as a research intern, some of the tips would be - develop some diverse set of skills that can help you collaborate with other researchers, do some br...
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Can anybody tell me what a support engineer at Microsoft does?

A support engineer is basically a troubleshooter of computers. You work with customers over the phone to diagnose their computer issue, do troubleshooting to isolate the affected part of the program, determine the root cause, and resolve this problem for them. Some of the best engineers don’t eve...
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What would I actually do as an intern at Microsoft?

I was an intern at Microsoft Bangalore with the Cosmos big data team. During my six month internship, I worked on two projects. A simple unit testing project, to become familiar with the code base. A bit more complex project on improving RslHk, which is an in-memory database used for metadata st...
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Will I have good work-life balance while interning at Microsoft?

One of Microsoft's core values is having a work life balance. Especially since as an intern they want to you to fall in love with Seattle too. You work a standard 8ish hours and you get to set your own time to come and leave for the most part. There's also lot's of intern events and sometimes the...
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What kind of ownership expectations should I have as an incoming intern at Microsoft?

I had complete ownership of a standalone scaling module I was building with engineers but plenty of guidance from my mentor and manager, both of whom had been PMs for a long time. I drew up my own blueprints/spec and occasionally hosted my own meetings.
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What exactly does a software engineer intern do at Microsoft?

It depends heavily on the team. Most often, you will be working on a side project that is related to what your team is doing. During my last internship, I worked on a virtual machine extension written in Go that's hosted on GitHub.
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Why'd you become a summer research intern at Microsoft?

I had won the Microsoft Research Women’s Scholarship the Spring of that year and Microsoft encouraged me to apply to their summer internship program to gain more experience working in the industry. I thought it was a good opportunity and hence applied for it.
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What's it like to be in the shoes of a financial analyst at Microsoft ?

My typical day-to-day work, currently in our corporate accounting, supply chain involves analyzing our inventory processes, ensuring we are compliant with relevant SOX regulations and monitoring our third-party operations across the world are properly recording inventory.
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Should I expect any training programs before starting as an explorer intern at Microsoft?

I'm not sure what is meant by training program -- the onboarding process is dependent on your team. The first day you are introduced to Microsoft is called NEO (New Employee Orientation). You get both a PM and a Dev mentor for your explorer team, along with your manager, who will help you through...
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Is anyone willing to describe a day in the life of a UX design intern at Microsoft?

As a UX Design Intern at Microsoft, you are part of a design team working on a product. You are treated much like a full time employee, except your project has less constraints. My days were usually filled with one or two meetings (with designers or other people related to my project), an occasio...
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How can I increase my chances of turning my software engineer internship at Microsoft into a full-time offer?

Ensure that you can make your performance review look spectacular. Setting achievable measurable goals during your internship. Then, overachieve them so that you can look like a superstar. Talk with your supervisor regularly if not daily. Build a trusting and healthy relationship with your su...
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What did you do as a software engineer intern at Microsoft? Explain a typical work day.

My team used Scrum, so we started each day with a brief meeting about what things we'd done and what we were working on, and basically spend the rest of the day working on it. There was a bigger weekly meeting. Mostly it's just you and the code, punctuated with asking your team members about the ...
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If you've ever been a financial analyst at Microsoft, what did you actually do while on the job?

As a financial analyst who was fairly young and just interning, I'm not sure if I'm the right person to ask about what a financial analyst really does. From my experience, I can tell you that I was exposed to a lot of teamwork and projects. My whole team and I worked heavily on Excel and had meet...
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What exactly is the foundry software engineer internship at Microsoft?

Foundry as a whole is a very untraditional internship experience. Instead of being assigned to a specific product team within the company to do a specific project, the interns get to hear pitches for the different potential project ideas that are sponsored by actual product teams and get to have ...
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