If I were interviewing for a position as a fellow musician in the campaign against e-waste for a company like Microsoft, how can I get prepared for it?

Hello,The interview wasn't very technical. The interviewer asked me a few simple questions like, what are my motivations for writing poetry, and if given an option how would I like my poetry to impact the world. Quite frankly, I was not prepared for an interview. I just went and answered the ques...
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If I were preparing to interview for a data engineering manager job at Microsoft, what should I know?

Microsoft is a large company and the requirements are often different. Based on the title, it seems, this position is for an Engineering team in one of the businesses. With that assumption, Principal Group Data Engineering Manager is a very senior level position in Microsoft. It is equivalent to ...
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Anyone here familiar with a principal group data engineering manager position at Microsoft? What's the work schedule like?

A Group Data Engineering Manager is generally responsible for data ingestion, pipelines, data storage in data lakes, build and management of reporting platforms, ML Engineering, and manage low latency support to many Graph or API services. Data Engineering often responsible for building the Graph...
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Went with an Information and Data Science major, so will this prepare me for data engineering manager role at Microsoft?

I had 20+ Data Engineering experience that helped in getting this role. MIDS program gives you a good balance between the Data Engineering and Machine Learning Engineering. You also learn key open source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka etc. These will help you in your conversation on Da...
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If I were to spend a day in the shoes of a software engineer at Microsoft, what could I expect?

It's different for different kinds of people. It depends more on how to plan your day and how you set your daily goals. I usually used to set my daily work goals and block at least 2 hours in a day for self learning. That was my favorite part of my day
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What work ownership expectations should I have going into a support engineering role at Microsoft?

100% Each engineer is given 4 servers to have the ability to construct a model of most any environment for troubleshooting purposes. While no one can ever know every single thing - actually, they can at Microsoft. There are some highly technical and experienced AND BRIGHT individuals in product s...
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How do explorer interns contribute to Microsoft's mission?

As an Explorer intern, we work on projects that will in some way contribute to the company. Whatever we build, they make sure that we create an impact no matter how small/big it is. I knew some Explorer interns that aren't even a Computer Science major but each and every one of us are encouraged ...
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What exactly is the foundry software engineer internship at Microsoft?

Foundry as a whole is a very untraditional internship experience. Instead of being assigned to a specific product team within the company to do a specific project, the interns get to hear pitches for the different potential project ideas that are sponsored by actual product teams and get to have ...
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In what way does a Foundry Software Engineer intern contribute to Microsoft's mission?

Garage is Microsoft's opensource division. Thus, most of the projects are made with the goal of being valuable contributions to the opensource community with products that are embedded with Microsoft tech, which goes hand-in-hand with Microsoft's new focus on becoming more accessible and collabor...
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What do I need to know going into an interview for an explorer intern role at Microsoft?

Fun fact, my very first technical interview was with Microsoft for the Explore program which I was taking Data Structures. I was asked about Fibonacci, to implement it, and then we talked about its time complexity. He followed up asking how my implementation could be improved. I recommend saying ...
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If you've ever been a financial analyst at Microsoft, what did you actually do while on the job?

As a financial analyst who was fairly young and just interning, I'm not sure if I'm the right person to ask about what a financial analyst really does. From my experience, I can tell you that I was exposed to a lot of teamwork and projects. My whole team and I worked heavily on Excel and had meet...
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Honestly, do you think that Microsoft upholds their company values?

Very much so. The products you work on are to “empower organizations”. The upper management is focused on customers which are large enterprises who depend on a Microsoft products.
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As an assistant store manager at Microsoft, what level of work ownership/responsibility should I be expecting?

A TON of ownership. One of the catch phrases in every store is "OWN IT". There are usually 4 ASMs per store each overseeing a different department and group of people - Inventory, Scheduling, Tech Services and Visual Merchandising. The Store Manager will usually rotate responsibilities every 6-12...
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If you've worked as an assistant store manager at Microsoft, how much work-life balance did you have?

This depends entirely on the individual and their direct Store Manager. Having a SM that encourages a work-life balance and ensures their ASM team get that makes a huge difference. Otherwise, if you're the individual that is a "yes man", there's always a chance that will be taken advantage of by ...
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Why'd you choose to become an Explorer Intern for Microsoft?

I knew I needed industry experience in Software Engineering to improve my technical skills and have exposure to how the real world is. So too, I had no idea what part of technology I will fall in, so the explorer program provided the perfect way for me to explore not only the tech industry at a B...
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What career progression options are available to an explorer intern at Microsoft?

The Explorer internship gives you the opportunity to try out both the PM and Dev roles. You meet with a recruiter 3 times (minimum) throughout your internship. They will ask you how you are feeling about your internship, and which role you might see yourself filling in the future. If you find th...
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So just how much work-life balance can I expect going into this software engineering intern position at Microsoft?

My team told me to go home when they saw me there at 6 or 7, and I went to work around 10. There's a lot of intern events during the workday that you're encouraged to go to. There is a considerable amount of work, though, and the learning curve at the start is steep, given the huge and complex co...
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What's it like to be a UX design intern at Microsoft?

As a UX Design Intern at Microsoft, you will be given a summer project that spans approximately 12 weeks. The project may be directly related and integrated with the work your team does, or it may be work that they're hoping to explore in the future. You'll go through the entire design process: r...
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Secured a position as a UX design intern at Microsoft! What can I expect in terms of work-life balance and flexibility?

A fair amount. In the [general] words of my manager when I asked him what I should expect my hours to be like: nobody will stare at you if you come in at 10 AM and leave at 4 PM. As long as you get your work done and you do it well, you're right on track. I was always encouraged by everyone to le...
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Will I have any ownership over my work as a UX designer intern at Microsoft?

I think this would depend on the project and team you are working on. For my internship I had my own project, which was situated in the context of what my team worked on, but otherwise I had full ownership of the project. As the project "lead", I made every decision, from defining the problem spa...
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