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We work to empower people to take action to protect America's waters, build healthy communities, and to make democracy work for all of us. With over 1 million members nationwide, Clean Water Action is at the forefront of grassroots efforts to protect our nation’s environment and public health. Clean Water Action offices work locally to sustain and improve environmental standards, preserve our invaluable natural resources and promote democratic processes in which the voice of the citizens determines the policy that affects our communities and quality of life. For 45 years Clean Water Action has succeeded in winning some of the nation's most important environmental protections through grassroots organizing, expert policy research and political advocacy focused on holding elected officials accountable to the public.



May 2017 - July 2017 Ann Arbor, MI
“I enjoyed the community aspect of the internship. Getting to talk to myriad people from different cities and environments was eye-opening to say the least.”

Waste Prevention Program Assistant

September 2017 Oakland, CA
“The ability to create relationships with other entities, helping create a strong network in the field. You have to wear a lot of different hats which can help further develop many different skills.”
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